We are the only French hospital network exclusively dedicated to the fight against cancer. Driven by collaborative goals, and at the same time, strongly rooted in their respective territory, our Centres ensure comprehensive, innovative and interactive care for all patients.

“Thanks to our network, we can count on a level of care and research that places France among the most successful countries in the fight against cancer”

Sophie Beaupère, Unicancer CEO

Centres of excellence closer to patients

Non-profit, private health care centers carrying out a public interest mission, the French comprehensive cancer centres (Fccs) ensure that patients have access to treatment near to where they live and that they receive top quality and rapid access to innovations.

Welcoming more than 550,000 patients each year, FCCCs share the same patient care model.

hospital sites all over France

This model is based on the quality of treatments and care, patient involvement – as active stakeholders in their treatment pathway – and a management model associating flexibility and responsiveness.

Even if each FCCC is wholly dedicated to the fight against cancer, they have specific and complementary expertise, which they share within the network to remain one step ahead in research and innovation. As a pioneer in the area of quality and continuous improvement, our network is committed to offering, throughout France, services of excellence in three areas: research, care and teaching.

More than 23 000
dedicated professionals on a daily basis (1)

Its uniqueness is also explained by the fact that it is made up of highly specialised teams: over 23,000 men and women committed every day to serve patients. Our network defines the professions of tomorrow, offering health professionals an exceptional training programme with a strong university base, as well as the possibility of combining care, research and teaching missions very early in their careers.

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Our model for cancer patients’ care

A unique model and a permanent improvement

Thanks to their specific governance, Fcccs participate in the development of the healthcare system. By actively collaborating with the other healthcare and research stakeholders at the national and international levels, they contribute to changing practices and promoting French excellence.

Forward-thinking and innovative by nature, the Centres within our network identify the main developments in oncology to constantly improve patients’ treatment and to ensure they have rapid access to innovations in the fields of treatment and research. The network thus offers a unique model of comprehensive, innovative and interactive management to ensure a quality healthcare pathway.

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Cancer innovations at the heart of our Centres

Directly derived from values shared with the other Centres, the Fcccs’ Charter of commitments towards patients makes these values tangible and makes it possible to offer patients essential information on how they will be treated within the Unicancer network.

Situated all over France, our centres aim to provide all patients, even those who are far from home, with a high level of expertise, thanks in particular to partnerships with other local players.

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Affiliated members

(1) over 23,000 professionals: Gender Equality Index: As part of the obligation to achieve results in terms of professional equality, the law requires the introduction of a gender equality index. As last year, Unicancer fulfilled its legal obligation by achieving a score of 79 points, the minimum required being 75 points.