The Unicancer network is deeply involved in international cooperation: in the implementation of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, by participating in research projects, collaborating with key players in global health and contributing to leading publications in the field of oncology.


our international initiatives

Unicancer’s action on the international scene

Unicancer is the only French non-profit hospital network 100% dedicated to the fight against cancer. It is also a major player at the European and international levels.

What is Unicancer’s international action in a nutshell?

  • Multiple collaborations in oncology research throughout the world, as a leading international player in research
  • More than 80 international cooperation projects in our centers in 2023, on all continents and on various themes (management of international patients, mobility and training of healthcare professionals, strategic support)
  • Dynamic support of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan
  • The overall increase of international projects managed by Unicancer and our centers’ experts (MyPeBs, ONCOBIOME, Esmé, EUonQoL, CraNE, JANE, CCI4EU)
  • Leading international partnerships (WHO, IHF, UICC, ESMO, ECO, HOPE, French Healthcare)

Unicancer is also recognized internationally as a model of excellence:

  • Seven of our Centers are labelled as Comprehensive Cancer Centers by the Organization of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), which rewards hospitals that meet demanding criteria in terms of medical, technical and research skills, and 7 other centres are in the accreditation phase
  • 9 of our centers are among the top 300 cancer hospitals in the world in the NewsWeek ranking of “World’s Best Hospitals 2023.

European leader in academic oncology research

As the European leader in academic research, Unicancer works to develop high-quality clinical research and improve patient access to innovation. Our international collaborations are numerous: medical industry companies, companies specialized in artificial intelligence, public research organizations, university hospitals, research teams and academic cancer research groups.

of French publications in oncology at the international level
active clinical trials promoted by the federation and nearly 750 by our centers
patients included

Cooperation projects at the European level

Did you know that Unicancer contributes to several cooperation projects, especially at the European level? This dynamism allows the federation to share its expertise, to learn from its partners abroad and to promote its values.

What is the ambition of the international projects supported by Unicancer?

  • Conducting an international clinical study comparing a personalized screening strategy based on women’s individual risk of developing breast cancer in the coming years (My PeBS)
  • Exploiting the gut microbiota for the diagnosis and treatment of breast, colon, lung and melanoma cancers (ONCOBIOME)
  • Developing a new kit to assess the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors in Europe (EUonQoL)
  • Creating a European Network of Comprehensive Cancer Centers (CCC) to reduce inequalities in access to cancer care in Europe (CraNE)
  • Designing European networks of expertise on all cancers for healthcare professionals (JANE)
  • Strengthening the capacity of Comprehensive Research Infrastructures in 9 pilot regions in Europe (CCI4EU)

CraNE and JANE: building a better Europe against cancer

CraNE and JANE are both European joint actions implemented as part of the European Union’s Beating Cancer Plan, in which Unicancer participates as an affiliated entity under the coordination of INCa. Starting in October 2022 for a period of 2 years, these initiatives bring together nearly 50 oncology organizations across Europe and aim to shape the European oncology networks of tomorrow.

What are the objectives of these projects?

  • CraNE (Creation of a Network of Expertise) aims at establishing a European Network of Comprehensive Cancer Centers (CCC) able to treat 90% of European citizens by 2030. Criteria of governance, research, innovation, integration of research and care, prevention and education and training will be applied to these reference centers.
  • JANE (Joint Action of Network of Expertise) aims at designing 7 European networks of expertise in oncology on all dimensions of cancer, including future calls for projects in order to allow their medical and scientific animation.

In order to buid a more resilient Europe with its partners and to share its know-how, Unicancer is mobilizing thirty experts through its network.


Flyer projet JANE


Flyer projet CraNE

Our support for the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

Unicancer supports the construction of a “Europe of Health”, by contributing on a daily basis to the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

Complex and multidisciplinary, the challenge of cancer requires strong European coordination. In 2020, 3 million Europeans will have been diagnosed with cancer. Despite advances in research, cancer remains the second leading cause of death in Europe after cardiovascular disease. What’s more, the situation is highly unequal between Member States, particularly in terms of screening and access to care and clinical trials.

Meaningful collaboration to improve access to quality care, research and innovation can make a tangible difference to European patients, cancer survivors and the people who support them on a daily basis.

Unicancer therefore supports the European Commission’s multidimensional approach and proactive role in the fight against cancer through the Plan’s 10 initiatives and 4 strategic priorities: prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, and quality of life for patients and survivors. Recognised internationally as a model of excellence, the centres in the Unicancer network can be a source of inspiration for the organisation of cancer care in other European countries.

Membership of international organisations

Unicancer collaborates with international institutions, such as the World Health Organisation, and it is member of several European and international hospital care and oncology organisations:

IHF, International Hospital Federation

As an international network of hospitals, the IHF groups health care organisations, hospital associations and representative bodies (and their members) in the field of health. As a representative hospital organisation from France, Unicancer is a member of the IHF since 2012. Find out more.

HOPE, European Hospital and Healthcare Federation

HOPE is a non-profit and non-governmental international association bringing together hospital associations in the public and private sectors, regional and national health federations, and public health authorities. Its head office is located in Brussels.
Today it includes 35 organisations from the 28 European Union member countries, Switzerland and Serbia. As a representative hospital federation in France, Unicancer is a member of HOPE (European hospital and healthcare Federation) since 2012 and holds a seat in its Board of Governors. Find out more.

UICC, Union for International Cancer Control

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) represents the world’s leading cancer societies, Ministries of Health and patient groups. Unicancer is a member of UICC since 2015, alongside the INCa, the Ligue nationale contre le cancer and the Fondation ARC. Find out more

French Healthcare

Launched by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Healthcare wishes to extend the reach of French know-how in healthcare and health technologies at the international level. The association helps its members to extend their network and access new opportunities. Unicancer is a member since its creation in 2018, alongside some French comprehensive cancer centres. Find out more.

Unicancer as a liaison office of the EORTC

Unicancer is the local representative of the EORTC in France since 2009. This collaboration aims to facilitate the activation of EORTC-sponsored trials in France and to stimulate the participation of French investigative centres. For more information.

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Partners in France

(1)12 FCCCs are ranked among the World’s Best Hospitals 2021 by the American magazine NewsWeek, and 2 of them are among the first 50.
(2) Institut Curie, Centre Léon Bérard, Centre François Baclesse, Institut Paoli-Calmettes and Institut Claudius Regaud – IUCT Oncopole