Joining the Unicancer network means benefiting from a wide range of career and training opportunities. Committed to a continuous improvement approach, we strive to develop the expertise of each employee to improve the quality of care, research and innovation in our Centres.

“Our human resources policy aims to support our employees in their skills development on a daily basis, throughout their career. This is why our agreement on employment and training gives concrete expression to professional pathways and puts career development into perspective”

Nicole Bouwyn, Unicancer Human Resources Director

Reinforcing skills

Unicancer and the French comprehensive cancer centres (Fcccs) have been ensuring continuous training and education since their creation. In order to develop the expertise of all employees to improve the quality of care, research and innovation, Unicancer offers its employees a wide range of training courses to enable them to train throughout their career, to develop their skills, and to access higher level qualifications so they can shape their professional future.

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Career-long benefits

By joining Unicancer, you become involved in our excellence-based approach, putting your talents into patient care, research and education, or in a supporting role, to make our missions a success.

Ever alongside the staff, the Unicancer Group HR Department offers its employees an adapted management policy, to create a positive impact on their quality-of-life. In order to ensure their “well-being at work”, employees in our network can work in a multicultural environment, receive career advice and benefit from a strong social policy, with benefits such as profit-sharing, private healthcare and services offered by the works councils.

We are also committed to promoting diversity (apprenticeships, disabled workers, etc.) and all new applications are considered on an equal basis.

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