The Centres in our network pool purchase of equipment, services, treatments and medical devices. Unicancer makes all information relating to public tenders available online in a transparent manner, within the framework of its health cooperation group (GCS).

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The 6 key commitments of our purchasing policy

The purchasing policy at Unicancer is based on improvement of procurement processes and on pooling of requirements and resources, providing Centres with exclusive access to the latest innovations. For example, in 2020, Unicancer signed the first European mutualised contract for radiotherapy and proton therapy equipment, and bought over 45 particle accelerators as part of a complete offer comprising more than 60 lots. Ten years after the launch of the Unicancer purchasing group, the amount of pooled purchases has almost tripled.

The basis to our policy is a transparent and objective relationship with suppliers, resting on 6 key commitments:

  1. Identifying and meeting the needs of the Centres and their professional stakeholders, and promoting innovation 
  2. Optimising costs, with routine pooling of requirements and by organising assistance for users in implementing good practices 
  3. Conducting a transparent and collaborative approach, by setting measurable objectives, and ensuring direct communication about projects completed, in accordance with the Unicancer purchasing policy (which sets out the reciprocal undertakings within the GCS)
  4. Meeting quality and risk management requirements, while ensuring routine application of the standards framework, and testing on expert users prior to product referencing, by managing supply risks etc.
  5. Following a sustainable development approach (see compliance with the United Nations Global Compact further on)
  6. Organising a permanent dialogue with prescribers of medicinal products and medical devices at the service of an efficient therapeutic strategy

Paper-free, streamlined procedures

Unicancer encourages paper-free market procedures by publishing online competitive public calls for tenders, company consultation documents and forms for submitting applications and bids online.

The recognised expertise of Unicancer purchasing in the field of innovation incites non-profit, private and public organisations to request support from Unicancer in the field of oncology purchasing.

Establishment of the Public Procurement Code made it possible to open Unicancer markets to companies outside the network, affiliates through agreements in relation to markets with high potential for innovation.

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