Unicancer employs more than 22,000 professionals throughout France, of which over 200 at the head office in Paris. Joining our network means working in an attractive work environment, at the forefront of French oncology. With more than 50 types of professions, Unicancer offers a wide range of career opportunities in patient care, research and support positions.

“Joining us means building and developing together an innovative oncology model; integrating and sharing the ambitions of a committed and dynamic network which aims for excellence; wanting to develop your professional career; combining the passion for your profession and the quest for meaning in your work”

Nicole Bouwyn, Unicancer Human Resources Director

Highly diversified career opportunities

Unicancer recruits healthcare professionals but also professionals in support functions such as human resources, accounting, IT and quality etc.

Several jobs at Unicancer are currently on offer: on this page you will find the list of positions open and the form to send your application to our HR team. If you wish to send a spontaneous application, you can also use this form to do so.

Unicancer also centralises certain job offers from the French comprehensive cancer centres (Fcccs) in its network, which you can find in this list, by refining your search using different criteria (geographical, job type, etc.).

Joining the universe of French oncology

Working for Unicancer means putting your skills to use for a rewarding cause: building a future in which patients with cancer can benefit from the best treatments and experience optimal quality-of-life. Our human resources policy reflects the values of Unicancer, by enabling the creation of essential ties between staff, services, partners and patients.

Our network is fertile ground which brings a real added value to those who wish to pursue a career in this area, whether they are healthcare professionals or those from a more technical or administrative background.

By joining the teams of Unicancer or one of our Centres, you will be able to enrich your practices, acquire skills, benefit from a mutual sharing of knowledge and broaden your own scope. At Unicancer, you will also benefit from several training opportunities, mobility, and other advantages: to find out more. 

A department with several missions

In order to represent and defend the interests of French comprehensive cancer centres (Fcccs) and their professionals, our Human Resources Department (HRD) strives to increase the attractiveness of all jobs within the Unicancer network and to implement, at national level, the social policy decided by our board of directors. Here is a non-exhaustive list of its numerous missions: 

  • Manage and implement the HR development strategy at federal level
  • Lead national collective negotiations agreements with social partners (as managerial organisation)
  • Contribute to the institutional relations of the Unicancer federation
  • Put forward innovative and shared social policies as part of the Unicancer strategy
  • Showcase HR, build cooperation and lead the HRD network in all centres
  • Ensure the management and monitoring of HR projects and support change

Always working closely alongside the staff in the Unicancer network, the Unicancer Group HRD has been highly reactive faced with the effects of the COVID-19 health crisis through:

  • Close legal monitoring faced with the numerous decrees published by the government
  • Permanent support to answer questions and to provide advice as to human resources organisation during the crisis

Negotiations with the public authorities to obtain additional resources, transposition of measures from the National health sector reform “Ségur de la santé” and resulting salary

Some key figures from Unicancer HR

We are 21,000 employees at the service of patients, research and innovation. Within our network, we count more than 60 types of professions in a wide variety of areas, such as patient care, medical and technical applications, research, IT and communication, etc.

employees, including + 3,000 doctors and + 7,300 carers
Almost 90%
permanent contracts
of women and 23% of man
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