Since 2021, Unicancer has established its own training organisation, Unicancer Formation, in order to offer a varied and innovative training programme.

Our motto: “Notre savoir-faire et le faire savoir” (Sharing our know-how)

  • Expertise at the service of all healthcare facilities treating cancer patients
  • A training offer to suit their real needs

Our training organisation

In 2021, Unicancer has set up a training organisation “Unicancer Formation” with the aim of:

  • Providing training to cancer centre professionals in the French comprehensive cancer centres (Fcccs), in addition to the training offers already dispensed by each centre
  • Providing training to external parties, so that they can benefit from Unicancer’s expertise

Unicancer Formation aims to promote exchanges between to enhance skills and to respond to training needs linked to the evolution of professions. Based on interactive teaching methods, the training courses offered contribute to improving the practices of health professionals.

The Unicancer digital platform makes it possible to integrate distance learning into the participants’ training programme, which complements, if necessary, the exchanges during the face-to-face sessions. Unicancer Formation develops its projects as closely as possible to the needs of all professionals and works with privileged partners.


Leaflet “Unicancer Formation”

Our next training sessions

The training catalogue is currently being compiled, with topics on management, training in radiation protection for patients and professionals, and clinical research. Check out our next trainings on this page (in French).

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Trainings from “Unicancer Formation”


Training catalogue 2022 (in French)

Contact us

The whole Unicancer Formation team is at your disposal; do not hesitate to contact us for any information Tyou may require about your training. 

Contact us
Training Coordinator: Magda Saillard
Training assistants: Patricia Nezan and Anne Mauduit – Ph. 01 44 23 04 04

To register

Please contact us by email:   or by phone: 01 44 23 04 04 for any information.

If you are interested in a training course, please return the registration form below (in French) at least 7 days before the beginning of the course. We will contact you to confirm your registration and we will assist you in setting up the financial support file.


Registration form (in French)

Welcoming people with disabilities

Unicancer Formation has a disability referent, who informs and supports people with disabilities and ensures that they can access trainings under the best possible conditions. Contact : .

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People with disabilities

Our values

Humanism: we are committed to a humanist educational approach which respects learners and coordinators.

Excellence: in permanent pursuance of excellence and innovation in our training offer for all professionals working in the fight against cancer.


Solidarity: we are committed to promoting solidarity both among our team members and among the classes of learners by supporting sharing, exchange, mutual help and cooperation.

Innovation: we are driven by the ambition to improve our services by using innovative educational tools (MOOCs, digital simulation, virtual reality) and by maintaining the level of skill of our trainers through personalised training  

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Training in our Centres

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Your career in the Unicancer network

Training courses organised by Unicancer:
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Training Cycle on Radiation Protection of Patients (in French)