The Unicancer network supports you in quitting smoking, an approach that not only prevents cancer but is also beneficial for the tolerance and effectiveness of oncological treatments.

An avoidable risk factor

A few years ago, France launched a national ‘Tobacco-free month’ campaign in November to encourage smokers to quit the habit, offering incentives as well as advice for would-be quitters.

Smoking is the first cause of avoidable cancer and in France, smoking among young people remains the highest in Europe(1). It is never too late to stop smoking. Not only does it help prevent you getting cancer, but the benefits for health are visible just a few weeks after the last cigarette.

45 K
deaths from cancer are due to smoking
daily smokers in 2020

Unicancer helps you stop smoking

Our latest campaign

Tobacco-free month 2021

For patients who already have cancer, to quit smoking is an integral part of cancer treatment, and the guidance and support of a health professional triples the chances of success.

Looking for a good reason to stop? Watch this video (in French) and find out what yours is!

Unicancer supports you in quitting smoking

Tobacco-free month 2020

To stay motivated or get motivated, our experts can provide you with personalised support.

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