Affiliated member of the Unicancer health cooperation group (GCS)

Created in November 2021, the Cancer Institute of French Polynesia (ICPF) is the first Cancer Centre in Polynesia.

Its vocation is to advance the fight against cancer and to provide Polynesian patients with the most recent and effective practices against this pathology. It will be set up gradually.

Since January 1, 2022, the ICPF has been carrying out the following missions:

  • Management of the cancer register
  • Implementation of cancer screening and prevention actions
  • Organisation and implementation of regional care coordination
  • Organisation and implementation of a research and innovation department

In 2023, the ICPF will inaugurate the anatomocytopathology laboratory in order to be able to carry out most of the territory’s activity within a single laboratory. In 2027, a new structure dedicated to the ICPF will be able to accommodate the outpatient care, care, support and isotopic medicine areas, as well as associations involved in the fight against cancer. The Institute will ultimately have two sites:

The construction of a building is underway, and will soon be able to accommodate patients for their consultations, outpatient treatments, imaging and radiotherapy sessions.

It will also integrate the organisation of spaces dedicated to supportive care and to associations supporting patients and the fight against cancer.

Outdoor green spaces will have a predominant place in the project and will allow for the development of shaded waiting areas, terraces, relaxation areas, as well as an area allowing for outdoor adapted sports exercises.

The project’s ambition is to install this structure dedicated to the fight against cancer in an atmosphere that is both serious and comforting for patients.

Studies for the construction of the French Polynesian Cancer Institute are underway. The Centre will eventually include 30 places for patients.

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