Unicancer has devised a charter of 6 commitments towards patients, shared by all its member French comprehensive cancer centres (Fccs). Embodying the values shared by the Unicancer network –  humanism, innovation, the quest for excellence and solidarity – its commitments are demonstrated through concrete and personalised evidence by each Fccc.

“The Unicancer charter embodies the values shared by the French Comprehensive Cancer Centres: solidarity, humanism, innovation and the quest for excellence”

Prof. Jean-Yves Blay, Unicancer President

Charter of commitments towards patients

Directly derived from the values shared by all French comprehensive cancer centres (Fccs), the charter comprises 6 commitments towards patients, indissociable and shared by all centres. These commitments embody the comprehensive patient care model shared by all the Unicancer network. Extremely concrete and tested with a representative sample of the French population and health professionals, the charter provides, for each of these commitments, some evidence that is shared by all and some that is specific to each centre. Presented at World Cancer Day on February 4th 2020, it marked the clear and quantifiable commitment of the Unicancer network.

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A charter for patients and staff

Designed as a tool providing essential information to patients and their family, and enabling a relationship of trust with them, this Charter is also a document that involves and commits all the staff of the Centres. It provides patients and their families with essential guidelines on the conditions of care, giving them the assurance of joining a healthcare facility that is part of a national network of cancer experts.

It also provides reference points for health professionals in the community as well as private practice professionals. For employees, it formalises a common reference system based on practices observed in all centres, which mobilises and involves all the staff.

Evidence-based commitments

A charter of commitments is an essential reference for patients and their families, which gives them the assurance they are joining a healthcare facility that is part of a network of oncology experts.

The 6 commitments on this charter reflect the spirit of the 21,000 staff members of the Unicancer network:

  • 6 commitments shared by the entire network and indissociable, based on extremely concrete and solid practices and actions
  • 6 commitments and their evidence, personalised for each Centre and its territory, which reflect the commitment of the Centres around a shared ambition to fight cancer

Six commitments towards patients

  1. Offering you the best possible treatment for your cancer, at the cutting edge of medical knowledge, research and technological progress
  2. Informing you clearly, to listen to you and to involve you in decisions concerning yourself
  3. Supporting you in the coordination of care, both within and outside our hospital
  4. Helping you and your family to maintain the best possible quality of life, during your hospitalisation and at home
  5. Promoting prevention and screening initiatives, to reduce your risks of cancer or diagnose them as early as possible
  6. Ensuring you have access to all treatments and care, regardless of your financial resources and without any additional cost
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