Centre Henri Becquerel

1 Rue d'Amiens
Rue d’Amiens - CS 11516 - 76038 Cedex 1 Rouen

Tél. : 02 32 08 22 22
Fax : 02 32 08 22 70

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Centre Henri-Becquerel, based in Rouen, treats most cancerous diseases. It upholds a model based on multidisciplinarity, and leans towards personalised medicine.

Centre Henri Becquerel

In addition to the quality of care, it offers patients a sophisticated, integrated technical platform all on one site, access to advances in research through innovative treatments, and strives permanently to increase accessibility to treatment for all.

The fields of excellence at Centre Henri-Becquerel include:

  • Regional reference oncology centre and support and referral centre with Rouen university hospital for all territorial hospital groups (Groupes Hospitaliers du Territoire – GHT).
  • Haematology expert and Normandy stem cell transplant centre
  • Rapid diagnosis days (Breast, Thyroid, Cervix)
  • Highest regional rate for management of breast cancer in outpatient surgery
  • Open to all: outpatient surgery support programme, therapeutic education programmes (oral chemotherapy and after breast cancer), exercise programmes
  • Integrated medical-technology equipment: radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, radiology and biopathology
  • CLIP 2-certified in haematology
  • Member of Institut Carnot CALYM

Centre Henri-Becquerel contributes to cohesion at territorial level.

It works closely with Rouen hospital and university, and with the cancer centre in Caen, and provides support to numerous establishments in the area, especially the Havre hospital group, and the hospitals in Evreux, Dieppe and the French Red Cross. The Centre works with a number of associations and also contributes to the innovation and reach of its territory along with the main economic stakeholders in Normandy. At national level, it is also a member of the UNICANCER Federation and is co-founder of the largest cooperative oncology group in Europe (LYSA). Internationally, it is partner to the Batna cancer centre (Algeria), and Institut Bordet in Brussels (Belgium).

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Types of cancer treated

Cancers hématologiques
Cancers de l’appareil génital masculin
Cancers de la sphère ORL
Cancer de la thyroïde et parathyroïde
Cancer du sein
Cancers gynécologiques
Cancers des adolescents et jeunes adultes
Tumeurs rares
Tumeurs neuro-endocrines


Thérapies ciblées
Radiologie interventionnelle
Greffe de moelle osseuse
Car-T cells
Soins de support

Training courses

Hémopathies malignes et soins
Soins sur Picc
Manipulation et utilisation d’une chambre implantable
L’angiomammographie : quel apport pour le patient, le radiologue et le chirurgien ?

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