Centre Antoine Lacassagne

6 Avenue de Bourgogne CS30 519
54519 Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy Cedex

Tél. : 03 83 59 84 00
Fax : 03 83 44 60 71

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Founded in 1961, Centre Antoine Lacassagne is the cancer centre in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Est region. As a private health establishment (Établissement de Santé Privé d’Intérêt Collectif – ESPIC), it provides treatment for cancer and conducts research and dispenses teaching in oncology. Centre Antoine Lacassagne treats all types of cancer and treats more than 6,400 patients per year.

Innovation, expertise and altruism are what permanently drive the teams at Centre Antoine Lacassagne.

Ranked among the 100 world’s best hospitals in oncology by a panel of 40,000 doctors and healthcare professionals (Newsweek 2021 ranking), Centre Antoine Lacassagne has one of the most comprehensive radiotherapy and imaging platforms in Europe. It is recognised for its expertise in head and neck tumours and in surgery for female cancers. Patients at Centre Antoine Lacassagne are able to receive the best possible treatment since they have access to state-of-the-art techniques and the most innovative medical treatments.

With the Cyclotron Medicyc in operation since 17 June 1991, Centre Antoine Lacassagne treated a melanoma of the eye by proton therapy for the first time in France. 30 years later, its expertise is now internationally recognised and confirmed by several publications. In 2016, it inaugurated the Institut Méditerranéen de ProtonThérapie with the world’s first high-energy proton therapy equipment. It is used primarily in paediatric oncology.

Number of beds and places
Number of employees
6 131
Number of patients treated every year

Types of cancer treated

Cancers digestifs
Cancers hématologiques
Cancers de l’appareil génital masculin
Cancers urologiques
Tumeurs du système nerveux central
Cancer du poumon
Autres tumeurs thoraciques
Cancers de la sphère ORL
Cancer de la thyroïde et parathyroïde
Cancer du sein
Cancers gynécologiques
Tumeurs cutanées
Cancers oculaires
Tumeurs ostéoarticulaires
Cancers pédiatriques, des adolescents et jeunes adultes
Tumeurs rares
Tumeurs de la surrénale
Tumeurs neuro-endocrines


Thérapies ciblées
Radiologie interventionnelle
Greffe de moelle osseuse
Immunothérapie intratumorale
Soins de support
Irathérapie à l’iode

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