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Welcome to the site for Unicancer suppliers. Unicancer purchasing aims to optimise the purchasing of goods and services for the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (FCCCs) with a responsible purchasing policy.





Our commitments to suppliers

Unicancer purchasing policy is based on a transparent and objective relationship with suppliers:

  • We precisely define our needs with specifications.
  • We pre-select tenders for their technical competency and savoir-faire.
  • The choice of our suppliers is made based on clear and definite criteria at the time of tender.
  • We draw up written and signed contracts in which each party’s reciprocal obligations are defined.
  • We guarantee our suppliers respect of the negotiated conditions and the confidentiality of the information obtained in tenders.
Pacte Mondial NU

Our responsible purchasing policy

Unicancer purchasing is committed to respecting the principles of the United Nations Global Compact for human rights, labour and the environment.

These principles are integrated in Unicancer purchasing specifications. Unicancer ensures that the rules of sustainable development are taken into account by its suppliers and choose goods or services that are more respectful of the environment and manufactured by respecting the highest social, ethical and environmental standards.



Unicancer's role within the Unicancer network

Unicancer purchasing has repositioned the role of purchasing in the Centers with tasks with the highest added value. Its policy is based on harmonising and rationalising referential articles and suppliers, as well as improving supplying processes:

  • Standardisation and pooling of needs.
  • Publication of tenders (as defined by the order of 6 June 2005 relative to transactions made by certain public or private persons not held to the public transactions code).
  • Modernisation of work methods, systemising the use of e-Procurement.

Purchasing : a strategic function

Purchasing represents a strategic and contributive function of the performance of health establishments recognised by public powers.

In order to cooperate on the continual improvement of purchasing practices, Unicancer purchasing actively participates in a piloting committee in this domain, created by the French Health Ministry and the Agence nationale de l'appui à la performance (ANAP – National Agency for performance support).

Unicancer also sits as Vice President of the Health Products Buyers Club (CLAPS) that brings together private and public players in purchasing with missions of sustainable development, designing performance indicators and hospital logistics.


Unicancer purchasing key figures:

  • Number of contracts and framework agreements: 50
  • Average adhesion of FCCCs to Unicancer contracts: 84%
  • Financial volume negotiated: 400 million euros per year

To see tenders underway, go to the purchasing web portal of the FCCCs.