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The UNICANCER Group brings together the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers and their Federation around a shared medical scientific project and pools their strategic activities: research, purchasing, human resources, hospital strategy, quality control and information systems.

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French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (FCCC)

The 20 FCCC, entirely devoted to fighting cancer, have a threefold mission: patient care, research and teaching. They are private, non-profit health establishments that have long participated in public hospital service, with an on-going desire to improve quality and access to care.
As such, they are financed by the French national health plan and controlled by the French Minster of Health in the same conditions as public hospitals.

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The UNICANCER Federation

Formerly the FNCLCC, the French Federation of Comprehensive Cancer Centers (UNICANCER Federation) is a patronal organisation, representing and defending the interests of its members, the FCCC. This medical scientific federation is the 4th hospital federation in France.


UNICANCER relies on the constitution of a health cooperation group (GCS) with the means for pooling its fields of activity.
The GCS, a health cooperation group, continues to be non-profit, but it is authorised to make a profit. It will also be able to receive public funding corresponding to its research activities as part of the MERRI (Missions for Education, Research, Reference and Innovation), the PHRC (Hospital Programme for Clinical Research) and the STIC (Support for Innovative and Costly Technology). The GCS is piloted by the Federation of FCCC.

Governance of the GCS

  • The GCS groups together all the FCCC and their Federation.
  • The French Federation of Comprehensive Cancer Centers (UNICANCER Federation) owns 26% of shares of the GCS and Centers shares proportional to their size.


In order to give more visibility to the Group of FCCC and ensure immediate recognition both nationally and internationally, the FCCC have chosen a single name, UNICANCER.

  • R&D UNICANCER (formerly the Clinical and Therapeutic Research Bureau – BECT) is an academic promoter of research with a goal of developing clinical and translational research in the field of cancer.
  • UNICANCER Achats (Purchasing,formerly the GIE CAC – Purchasing Consortium of the FCCC) is responsible for optimising the purchase of goods and services by the Centers.
  • Human Resources : UNICANCER supports the FCCC in the implementation of a mutualised base for its human resources policy.
  • Hospital strategy : UNICANCER's mission is to help the FCCC in their strategic decisions and play a part in developing good management practices in the Centers. It designs and analyses medical and economic indicators with a view to benchmarking.
  • The Quality initiative : UNICANCER supports and provides the impetus for improving the quality of patient management within the FCCC. It sets up common management practices based on benchmarking and the development of innovative and shared quality policies.
  • Information systems : UNICANCER is responsible for piloting, implementing and promoting mutualised projects concerning the Group's information systems.