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Since their creation, the French Comprehensive Cancer Centres have ensured a teaching mission, along with their health care and research missions focused on cancer.



Training in the French Comprehensive Cancer Centres (FCCCs)

Oncology training is an essential strategic orientation of the Unicancer medical scientific project shared by all the Centres.

The 18 FCCCs:

  • are involved in the initial university training of health professionals, in collaboration with university and health establishments;
  • offer on-going expert training to medical and paramedical professionals, both within and outside of the Centres.

The themes developed as part of on-going expert training are from the FCCC organisation model founded on multidisciplinary practice, global patient management and a research-patient care continuum, generalised by the Cancer Plan since 2003:

  • sites treated in the Centres;
  • new techniques that can be used;
  • support care and palliative care;
  • onco-psychological care for patients and their loved ones;
  • good practices: diagnosis consultation, health and/or therapeutic education.


Upcoming training sessions in oncology offered by the FCCCs (French only)



The Unicancer management academy

To support the professional career of French Comprehensive Cancer Centres (FCCCs) managers, Unicancer created the management academy, for which the main objectives are to:

  • offer career training for FCCC managers,
  • support them in their management activities,
  • offer a common culture of integration,
  • certify internal and external training offers.