Our network’s experts are highly involved in international cooperations, whether through their participation in research projects, hospital partnerships, with medical societies or even by contributing to scientific publications.

Our global reach

The Centres of the Unicancer network are among the best hospitals in the world for treating cancer(1); five French Comprehensive Cancer Centres (FCCCs)(2) were awarded the Comprehensive Cancer Center label by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), which rewards cancer institutes meeting strict criteria in terms of medical, technical and research skills.

Our Centres collaborate on an international scale to train healthcare professionals, build scientific partnerships, and for supporting of the opening of cancer services and centres, inspired by the model of Fcccs. As a leading stakeholder in research, Unicancer has set up a number of international partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and other academic research groups, in particular cooperative oncology groups in Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Spain etc.) and in Canada. Unicancer also federates initiatives between Fcccs and foreign countries, in order to evaluate their specialised oncology institutes. Their expertise was for example exported in 2017 to Algeria, when Unicancer and AstraZeneca launched a partnership with the Algerian State as part of the implementation of the national cancer plan.

Several ongoing European projects

  • MyPebs: coordinated by Unicancer and funded by the European Union, it is a unique, international clinical study which aims to compare a personalised risk-based screening strategy (based on each woman’s individual risk of developing breast cancer in the coming years) with the current standard screening in 85,000 volunteer women aged 40 to 70 years, recruited in 6 countries. For more information.
  • ONCOBIOME: this first European programme dedicated to the links between microbiome and cancer aims to explore the gut microbiota for the diagnosis and treatment of breast, colon and lung cancer and melanoma. For more information.
  • Study on best European practices for managing the neurological and psychological consequences of cancer treatments. This study, funded by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa), sets out to identify the best experiences for ensuring the prevention, detection, treatment and follow-up of the cognitive consequences of cancer treatment within the EU.

Membership of international organisations

Unicancer collaborates with international institutions, such as the World Health Organisation, and it is member of several European and international hospital care and oncology organisations:

IHF, International Hospital Federation

As an international network of hospitals, the IHF groups health care organisations, hospital associations and representative bodies (and their members) in the field of health

The main mission of this NGO based in Geneva is to represent its members on the international scene, in order to take a stance as to global challenges and to contribute to the improvement of health care organisation performances. As a representative hospital organisation from France, Unicancer is a member of the IHF since 2012. Find out more.

HOPE, European Hospital and Healthcare Federation

HOPE is a non-profit and non-governmental international association bringing together hospital associations in the public and private sectors, regional and national health federations, and public health authorities. Its head office is located in Brussels.
Today it includes 35 organisations from the 28 European Union member countries, Switzerland and Serbia.

HOPE’s mission is to promote the health of citizens in the countries of the European Union, to further improve the high level of hospital care services already provided in the European Union, and to promote the concepts of effectiveness, efficiency and humanisation in the organisation and operation of hospital services and the health systems in which they operate.

As a representative hospital federation in France, Unicancer is a member of HOPE (European hospital and healthcare Federation) since 2012 and holds a seat in its Board of Governors. Find out more.

UICC, Union for International Cancer Control

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) represents the world’s leading cancer societies, Ministries of Health and patient groups.

In order to reduce the global cancer burden, to promote greater equality and to ensure that the fight against cancer remains a priority on the global health and development agenda, the UICC is developing an influence network in the fields of prevention, care, awareness-raising and training. Key UICC initiatives include advocacy at the level of WHO, UN, etc. and key events to unite members: World Cancer Day on 4 February; the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit with key UICC members; and the World Cancer Congress.

Unicancer is a member of UICC since 2013, alongside the INCa, the Ligue nationale contre le cancer and the Fondation ARC. Find out more

French Healthcare

Launched by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Healthcare wishes to extend the reach of French know-how in healthcare and health technologies at the international level. The association helps its members to extend their network and access new opportunities.

Unicancer is a member since its creation in 2018, alongside 9 French comprehensive cancer centres : Centre Léon Bérard, Gustave Roussy, Institut Curie, Centre François Baclesse, Institut Paoli-Calmettes, Institut de cancérologie de l’Ouest, Institut de cancérologie Strasbourg Europe – Centre Paul Strauss, Centre Oscar Lambret and Centre Antoine Lacassagne. Find out more.

Unicancer as a liaison office of the EORTC

Unicancer is the local representative of the EORTC in France since 2009. This collaboration aims to facilitate the activation of EORTC-sponsored trials in France and to stimulate the participation of French investigative centres. For more information.

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Research area

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Partners in France

(1)12 FCCCs are ranked among the World’s Best Hospitals 2021 by the American magazine NewsWeek, and 2 of them are among the first 50.
(2) Institut Curie, Centre Léon Bérard, Centre François Baclesse, Institut Paoli-Calmettes and Institut Claudius Regaud – IUCT Oncopole