Weight loss, physical and psychological patient reported outcomes (PROs) among obese patients (pts) with early breast cancer (BC)

Congress : ESMO

Authors : A. Di Meglio, M. El-Mouhebb, S. Michiels, L. Jones, E. Martin, M. Matias, A.E. Lohmann Palhares, F. Joly, L. Vanlemmens, S. Everhard, A.L. Martin, J. Lemonnier, P. Arveux, P.H. Cottu, C.Coutant, L. Del Mastro, A.H. Partridge, F. André, J.A. Ligibel, I. Vaz-Luis.

Experts group or program : French Breast Cancer Intergroup (UCBG)

Obesity and unfavorable energy balance affect physical and psychological outcomes among BC survivors. There is little data describing the impact of weight loss on PROs in obese pts.

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