UCGI 34 - PROSCORE: A prospective study assessing whether Immunoscore® Colon test impacts the choice of adjuvant chemotherapy, in a multidisciplinary meeting, for treating non-metastatic colon cancer patients after curative-intent surgery

Congress : ESMO

Authors : A. Di Meglio, M. El-Mouhebb, S. Michiels, L. Jones, M. Annonay, A. Zingarello, M. Matias, S.
EVERHARD, A.L. Martin, P. Arveux, O. Tredan, P. SOULIE, P.H. Cottu, A.H. Partridge, L. Del Mastro,J.A. Ligibel, F. André, I. Vaz-Luis

Experts group or program : Groupe gastro-intestinal (UCGI)

The prognosis and treatment of patients with resected colon cancer are based on the TNM staging classification. However, this approach fails to account for the important role of the immune system. The immune response can now be accurately measured in clinical practice with the Immunoscore® Colon assay. This assay provides a standardized quantification of CD3+ and CD8+ T cell densities both in the tumor center and invasive margin. Immunoscore® was shown to predict patient outcome more accurately than TNM classification plus other parameters including microsatellite instability status in a large international multicenter study, supporting its implementation as a new component of a TNM-Immune classification of colon cancer (1). The objective of the PROSCORE study is to assess the impact of Immunoscore® on adjuvant chemotherapy decision making in patients resected stage II-III colon cancer.

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