PERNETTA – A none comparative randomized open label phase II trial of pertuzumab (P) + trastuzumab (T) with or without chemotherapy both followed by T-DM1 in case of progression, in patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer (MBC): (SAKK 22/10 /

Congress : ESMO

Authors : J. Huober, P. Weder, B. Thürlimann, A. Xyrafas , C. Veyret, L. Vanlemmens, S. Guiu, E. Brain, J. Grenier, F. Dalenc, C. Levy, A.-M. Savoye, A. Müller, V. Membrez-Antonioli, M.-A. Gérard, J. Lemonnier, H. Hawle, E. Boven, H. Bonnefoi.

Experts group or program : French Breast Cancer Intergroup (UCBG)

Dual blockade with P plus T is highly active as 1st-line treatment in patients (pts) with HER2+ MBC. In 2nd line therapy T-DM1 is considered standard of care. We hypothesize that a strategy with dual blockade with T+P without chemotherapy followed by T-DM1 at progression could be less toxic with similar efficacy in terms of overall survival (OS).

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