Overweight, obesity and weight gain after breast cancer (BC): a prospective clinical study

Congress : ESMO

Authors : A. Di Meglio, M. El-Mouhebb, S. Michiels, L. Jones, M. Annonay, A. Zingarello, M. Matias, S.
EVERHARD, A.L. Martin, P. Arveux, O. Tredan, P. SOULIE, P.H. Cottu, A.H. Partridge, L. Del Mastro,J.A. Ligibel, F. André, I. Vaz-Luis

Experts group or program : French Breast Cancer Intergroup (UCBG)

Overweight and obesity are a growing health problem worldwide and are linked to poor quality of life and BC outcomes. Fewer data are available that describe patterns of weight change or evaluate robust associations with weight gain following BC in a European population.

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