Efficacy and safety of axitinib in metastatic papillary renal carcinoma (mPRC): results of a GETUG multicenter phase II trial (Axipap)

Congress : ESMO

Authors : S Negrier, N Rioux-Leclercq, A Ravaud, G Gravis, L Geoffrois, C M Chevreau, F Rolland, E Blanc, C Segura-Ferlay, D Perol, M Gross Goupil, S Dermeche, A Flechon, L Albiges, B Escudier.

Experts group or program : Groupe d’étude des tumeurs urogénitales (GETUG)

PRC represents 10-15% of renal carcinomas; there is no standard treatment at the metastatic stage. Few trials were conducted with sunitinib, everolimus and more recently savolitinib, with disappointing response rates. Axitinib, an inhibitor of VEGF receptors, indicated as 2d line treatment in advanced renal cell carcinoma was investigated.

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