Breast Cancer (BC) related fatigue: a longitudinal investigation of its prevalence, domains and correlates

Congress : ESMO

Authors : I. Vaz Luis, A. Di Meglio, M. El-Mouhebb, A. Dumas, C. Charles, G. Menvielle, C. Mesleard,A.L. Martin, P.H. Cottu, F. Lerebours, C. Coutant, A. Lesur, S. Dauchy, P. Arveux, S.Delaloge, N. Lin, P. Ganz, A.H. Partridge, S. Michiels, F. André.

Experts group or program : French Breast Cancer Intergroup (UCBG)

Fatigue is a complex and multidimensional symptom that is recognized as one of the most distressing and potentially long lasting side effects of cancer treatment (trt). Large scale data that help predict and prevent severe fatigue are lacking.

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