Brain metastases response to nivolumab in patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC): prospective analysis from the GETUG-AFU 26 (NIVOREN) trial

Congress : ESMO

Authors : R Flippot, C Dalban, B Laguerre, D Borchiellini, G Gravis, S Negrier, C M Chevreau, F Joly, L Geoffrois, S Ladoire, H Mahammedi, F Tantot, B Escudier, L Albiges.

Experts group or program : Groupe d’étude des tumeurs urogénitales (GETUG).

Nivolumab (N) is a standard of care in patients (pts) with metastatic RCC after failure of 1 or 2 TKIs. Efficacy of N on brain metastases (BM) from RCC is still unknown.

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