GERICO: 10 years of clinical research in geriatric oncology.

Oncologie, 2011;13: 102–105.

V. Girre, C. Orsini, E.G.C. Brain


Clinical research in geriatric oncology is under active development, since aging is heterogeneous and requires specific programs addressing both old and new therapeutic strategies in elderly cancer patients. The group of geriatric oncology, GERICO, launched in 2002 by the French National Federation of Cancer Centres (FNCLCC), has acquired and demonstrated this specific experience. Convinced of the need to integrate the dimensions of functional status and quality of life—key issues in the elderly—it has built several trials on primary endpoints derived from geriatric assessment, different from the traditional tumour response and survival. Today it plans to integrate again classical criteria with geriatric ones. It militates in favour of inclusion of a lower selection of populations and takes into consideration life expectancy which remains so difficult to estimate.