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Unicancer R&D

Unicancer develops clinical and translational research that is both pertinent and rigorous, with the aim of improving cancer treatments and patient management.


Unicancer is an academic sponsor and operator of clinical trials in cancer research. It works directly with the clinical research units at the 20 French Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Unicancer R&D is also partially or wholly responsible for drug safety monitoring and regulatory affairs for the trials promoted by Centres in the Unicancer network making such a request.


Unicancer’s goal is to develop clinical and translational research that is both pertinent and rigorous in the aim of improving cancer treatments and patient management.

Unicancer has received the clinical investigation Center certification from the French Ministry of Health and INSERM. As such, it is eligible for teaching, research, reference and innovation missions (MERRI), the funding method for research specific to hospital Centers.

Focusing on areas insufficiently covered by the pharmaceutical industry

Clinical research is carried out on humans and must obey a protocol. It aims to enrich our knowledge about a drug, disease, procedure or care protocol.
Unicancer’s research strategy focuses on areas insufficiently covered by the pharmaceutical industry.

This strategy is reinforced by an exclusive financial partnership with the Ligue nationale contre le cancer (anti-cancer League).

Accelerating therapeutic innovations with translational research

Translational research is one of the priority orientations in development at Unicancer. It is laboratory research that allows for rapidly transposing innovative techniques to patient care.

All clinical research promoted by Unicancer R&D include the collection of tumours and/or blood samples for implementing translational research programmes.



Developing cooperation to advance research

Unicancer cooperates with key players in cancer research: learned societies, patient associations, the pharmaceutical industry, and public institutions. Though it originates from French Comprehensive Care Centers, Unicancer promotes studies in over 160 French and foreign Centers. Its international influence is recognised by the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) and Unicancer R&D hosts the French Liaison Office whose goal is to accelerate and facilitate trials and promoting the EORTC in France.

EORTC Liaison Office


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