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The tumour bank

Unicancer plasma and tumour banks are essential elements for translational research and are centralised at the Léon Bérard Centre in Lyon.



Tumour banks

These banks contain tumour samples and provide essential study material for translational research. This kind of research ensures the research-patient care continuum and the rapid application of innovative techniques directly to patients. This is why all of the studies sponsored by Unicancer must prepare a tumour and/or blood bank – with patient consent – for translational research programmes.

The goal: carry out specific research on these tumours, for example, researching the genes prone to giving rise to cancers or molecular anomalies that cause treatment resistance.

Existing banks currently contain nearly 3,000 tumours in paraffin and more than 1,000 frozen tumours.

Centralise Unicancer R&D biological specimens

These banks are currently housed in several French Comprehensive Cancer Centres.

Unicancer has centralised all of its tumour and plasma banks. A tumour bank located at a single site ensures traceability, centralisation and labelling of samples from all studies sponsored by Unicancer. The Léon Bérard Centre (Lyon) houses the Unicancer tumour bank.

The Unicancer tumour bank is available to researchers carrying out projects deemed interesting by Unicancer.

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