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Expert groups

Unicancer expert groups are multidisciplinary groups focused on developing and steering innovative clinical studies.

Their goals are:

  • to evaluate existing and new therapeutic strategies,
  • to improve patient prognosis and quality of life through personalised treatments,
  • to develop innovative approaches to cancer treatment,
  • to identify predictors of treatment response, resistance and toxicity.

To achieve these goals, the Unicancer tumour groups develop strategic clinical research programs with a strong translational component that relies upon a systematic centralised banking of biological samples. These clinical studies involve the FCCCs’ units and platforms as well as a large number of public and private hospitals in France.

These groups contribute to scientific education and dissemination in their field, through participation in conferences and publications.

The French National Cancer Institute (INCa) has granted its quality label to four Unicancer expert groups, thus acknowledging their operating capability and excellence.


Unicancer tumour groups

Unicancer cross-pathology groups

French Breast Cancer Intergroup (UCBG)*

Genitourinary Group (GETUG)*

Gastrointestinal Group (UCGI)

Sarcoma Group*

Head & Neck Group (UCH&N)



Oncogeriatrics Group (GERICO)*

Personalized Medicine Programme

Early Phase Group (GEP)

Supportive Care Intergroup

Translational Research and Development in
Radiation Oncology (UNITRAD)

Immuno-Oncology Group

Real World Data Group


* Groups accredited by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa)