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The EORTC Liaison Office

Since 2009, R&D UNICANCER has hosted the French liaison office for the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC).


The EORTC is a non-profit European organisation based in Brussels. It carries out European research with the aim to:

  • develop, drive and encourage clinical and translational cancer research
  • improve cancer care
  • increase survival and improve patients’ quality of life

The EORTC sponsors research in collaboration with more than 300 health establishments in over 30 countries.

Why a Liaison Office in France?

France is one of the largest recruiters of patients for EORTC trials and nearly two thirds of these patients are treated in UNICANCER Group health establishments.

R&D UNICANCER is the only academic sponsor outside of health establishments with the ‘Clinical Investigation Center’ certification. The partnership between R&D UNICANCER and the EORTC thus aids Europe by having access to a network of more than 130 investigative Centers in France (not only UNICANCER Group French Comprehensive Cancer Centers, but also public hospitals and private clinics).

The missions of the Liaison Office

The EORTC Liaison Office in France:

  • Helps French Centers increase their participation in EORTC studies;
  • Facilitates rapid implementation of these trials in France;
  • Manages regulatory submissions for these studies in France;
  • Is a privileged contact for French investigators and supports them for cooperation rules with the EORTC.

To contact the EORTC Liaison Office in France: