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The Unicancer Medical Scientific Project

The Medical Scientific Project (MSP) is pivotal to Unicancer's strategy. It defines the strategic orientations common to all the French Comprehensive Cancer Centres (FCCCs) in terms of patient management, research and teaching.


In a constantly changing healthcare context, the Unicancer Medical Scientific Project reinforces the organisation model of the Centers founded on multidisciplinary practice, global patient management and a research-healthcare continuum. It reinforces a new common denominator based on individualising care, innovations that benefit patients and differentiation by quality. In France, this project breathes life into the concept of global and integrated patient management in the field of cancer, which is the model for Comprehensive Cancer Centers.



Reinforcing and developing the FCCC model

The Medical Scientific Project was designed based on the confirmed or innovative actions of each FCCC. It reinforces the model of the Centers and defines the 14 strategic orientations to be developed in terms of patient management, research and teaching, the three missions of the FCCCs. This project ensures the rapid and safe availability of scientific and organisational innovations for patients, no matter which Center they are treated in.


The 14 strategic orientations common to all FCCCs

These 14 essential orientations, which are the result of the Centers’ experience, have been selected to be the common basis for the MSP.


1. Screening and early diagnosis

2. Rapid diagnosis

3. Biological individualisation of treatments

4. Diversification of our offer, from standard cases to rare or complex cases

5. Reference for rare forms of cancer and complex situations

6. FCCC initiatives in town

7. Personalisation of patient support


8. Sharing our research programmes

9. Participating in fundamental research

10. Accelerating treatment innovation

11. Developing translational research

12. Participating in research in human and social sciences


13. Initial university training

14. On-going expert training in cancer research

The Unicancer MSP consolidates a common denominator among Centres by preserving their individual autonomy and capacity for innovation. The common basis will evolve from individual or shared initiatives from the Centres, thanks to shared experiences and the collaborative analysis proposed by the MSP.