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The UNICANCER Group brings together the  French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (FCCC), promotes their cancer research organisation and pools resources and competencies to give a new dynamic to patient care.



Part of on-going action of the FCCC

Since their creation in 1945, the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers have held a special place in the French health care system. These private, non-profit establishments are entirely devoted to fighting cancer with a view to public service. They have a threefold mission: patient care, research and teaching.
UNICANCER builds on the historical community of the FCCC and accentuates what has always been their strength: cooperating and creating synergies between different teams within the network.

Bringing the FCCC model to French cancer research

UNICANCER is reinforcing and updating the model for Cancer Centers, founded on an integral approach to patient care, prevention and/or early diagnosis up through post treatment follow-up.
In creating the UNICANCER Group, the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers have reached critical mass at the national level, which is essential for supporting and promoting their unique organisation model in cancer research in a constantly changing healthcare context.


The cancer research organisation model of the FCCC has been built around multidisciplinary practice, individualised treatment and a research-healthcare continuum. It has been formalised in the UNICANCER Charter.

Discover the 10 commitments that make FCCC care different


The Group’s therapeutic innovations for the benefit of patients

Thanks to the UNICANCER Medical Scientific Project, all Centers share common strategic orientations for patient care, research and teaching.
The project’s main goal is to make innovations available quickly and safely for the benefit of patients.

Discover the UNICANCER Medical Scientific Project

Improve the medical and economic performance of FCCC

UNICANCER increases the capacity of the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers to pool resources and skills: research, human resources, purchasing, quality control, etc. The practice of internal benchmarking (among FCCC) and external benchmarking (FCCC with competitors) makes a permanent evaluation of performance and quality possible.

Reinforce FCCC in French and international networks of excellence

UNICANCER provides the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers the possibility for collective action and the visibility needed for their long-term participation in structured collaborations with university hospitals within canceropoles and in international networks of excellence.