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Figures for cancer in France



Number of new cases

355,000 new cases of cancer estimated in 2012, 200,000 men and 155,000 women.

The average age of diagnosis is 68 in men and 67 in women (2012 data).



Cancer mortality has decreased over the last twenty years. However cancer is the leading cause of death in France.

In 2012, it was estimated that there were 148,000 deaths from cancer: 85,000 men and 63,000 women. In men, lung cancer is the main cause of death, followed by colorectal and prostate cancers. In women, it is breast cancer followed by colorectal and lung cancers.


Survival rates

5-year survival rates depend on the type of cancer (6 to 95%).


Most common cancers in men

  • prostate (53,000 cases - 2009 data)
  • lung (27,000)
  • colorectal (21,000)

2012 data


Most common cancers in women

  • breast (52,500 cases)
  • colorectal (19,000)
  • lung (10,000)

2012 data


(Source : Institut national du Cancer: © Le cancer en France en 2013)