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Sustainable development

As a player in the public health system, the UNICANCER Group is dedicated to a policy of precise and coherent sustainable development that respects humans and the environment.



Environmental problems

Like all hospitals, Comprehensive Cancer Centers use natural resources and energy, emit greenhouse gases and produce waste. Given its specialisation in oncology, Unicancer is particularly concerned about environmental risks and the safety of using chemotoxic and radioactive drugs, which are necessary for cancer treatment.

Adopting good practices for sustainable development for better health


Sustainable development is an effective approach for improving quality and gives rise to new demands in the healthcare industry.

Unicancer wished to formalise its commitment to sustainable development by signing a convention with the Minister of Sustainable Development, the Health Minister and ADEME (French environment and energy management agency). The challenges of sustainable development are specifically integrated in project evaluation, management and hospital purchases by Unicancer.

Unicancer also has a partnership with the Committee for Sustainable Development in Health.








Corporate social responsibility

Unicancer puts corporate social responsibility at the heart of its action. The well-being of its employees is highly important because it has a direct influence on the quality of care given to patients.
Unicancer purchasing policy integrates the 10 principles of labour and environment defined in the United Nations Global Compact. They have been in effect since 1 January 2009 in Unicancer purchasing specifications in order to make them known to suppliers.
Comprehensive Cancer Centers can thus aim to choose the most environmentally respectful goods or services that are produced with the highest social, ethical and environmental standards to promote sustainable development for the planet.

Sustainable development in French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (FCCCs)

For several years now, numerous initiatives in environmental management have been implemented in the FCCCs. The HAS V2010 certification (underway in the FCCCs) will help reinforce Unicancer’s sustainable development approach. This state certification for health establishments now integrates criteria of sustainable development which are inseparable from the quality and safety of care.