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The UNICANCER Federation- French Federation of Comprehensive Cancer Centers

The French Federation of Comprehensive Cancer Centers, a patronal organisation and one of the 4 representative Hospital Federations in France, also called UNICANCER Federation, directs the pooling of strategic activities of the UNICANCER Group.


The UNICANCER Federation’s missions

  • Patronal organisation
  • Hospital federation in France
  • Piloting the UNICANCER Group

Created in 1964, The French Federation of Comprehensive Cancer Centers (UNICANCER Federation) – formerly the National Federation of Comprehensive Cancer Centers – represents the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers with institutional players.
Since 2005 it has been recognised as one of the 4 representative hospital federations in France.

The UNICANCER Federation is piloting the UNICANCER Group, a health cooperation group (GCS), with the means to pool strategic activities of the FCCC: research, human resources, purchasing, etc.


Governance of the UNICANCER Federation

General Meeting

The General Meeting includes the French Comprehensive Cancer. Each FCCC has one vote. A majority vote is required from present or represented members.

Board of Managers

The Board of Managers is a decision making body made up of members of the Bureau (see below), of the General Manager and General Deputy Manager.

The President

The President of the UNICANCER Federation chairs the General Meeting and Bureau. The Bureau drafts the common strategy for the 20 Centers, which it then presents to the Board of Directors. The President represents the Federation to ministers, hospital and university establishments and manages exterior relations and communication, in collaboration with the Managing Director. He oversees the realisation of the triennial project approved by the Board of Directors.

In October 2016, Prof. Patrice Viens, General Manager of the Institut Paoli Calmettes, was elected President by the board for three years.

The UNICANCER Federation Bureau

The UNICANCER Federation Bureau is elected for a three-year term.

Bureau members :

  • Prof. Patrice Viens, President of the Bureau, General Manager of the Institut Paoli Calmettes (Marseille)
  • Prof. Frédérique Penault-Llorca, Deputy President,  General Manager of the Centre Jean Perrin (Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Prof. Mario Campone, Vice-president and Secretary,  General Manager of the Integrated Center for Oncology (Angers-Nantes)
  • Pr Jean-Yves Blay, Vice-president, General Manager of the Centre Léon Bérard (Lyon)
  • Pr Alexander Eggermont, Vice-president, General Manager of Gustave Roussy (Villejuif)
  • Pr Eric Lartigau, Vice-president, General Manager of the Centre Oscar Lambret (Lille)
  • Pr Yacine Merrouche, Vice-president, General Manager of the Institut de cancérologie Jean Godinot (Reims) of the Centre Paul Strauss (Strasbourg)
  • M. Alain Lalié, Treasurer, Deputy Manager of the Centre Georges-François Leclerc (Dijon)

Steering Committee

To improve inter-Center medical and economic cooperation, the Federation has a Steering Committee that groups the management teams of the FCCC. It provides a thought and debate forum on major on-going projects and meets four times a year based on an agenda set by the Bureau.

Through collective reflection, it helps define the strategic orientation of Federation activities. It aims to widely and directly inform the ‘vital forces’ of the Centers and gather their proposals with a view to integrating them into Federation programmes.

General Management

Along with the Managing Director, appointed by the President and the Federation Bureau, the directors of each major sector of the federal portfolio direct the various departments and participate in debates and brainstorming of the Bureau and decision-making bodies.

On 11 April 2011, Ms. Pascale Flamant was named General Managing Director of the UNICANCER Federation, replacing Mr Dominique Maigne, who had held this position since 2001.


Download UNICANCER Federation by-laws (French)