Physical Activity (PA) and patterns of Quality of Life (QOL) after adjuvant chemotherapy (CT) for breast cancer (BC)

Congress : ESMO

Authors : A. Di Meglio, M. El-Mouhebb, S. Michiels, D. Carene, S. Everhard, A.L. Martin, P.H. Cottu, F. Lerebours, C. Coutant, A. Lesur, O. Tredan, P. SOULIE, L. Vanlemmens, P. Arveux, S.Delaloge, P. Ganz, F. André, A.H. Partridge, L. Jones, I. Vaz-Luis.

Experts group or program : French Breast Cancer Intergroup (UCBG)

We aimed to describe longitudinal patterns of QOL and the interplay between PA and risk of QOL deterioration among BC patients (pts).

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