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Only hospital network exclusively devoted to cancer care in France, Unicancer has been created in 2010 by the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers and their Federation.


Constituting a national network with a regional meshing, the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (FCCCs) are private, non-profit healthcare establishments that participate in public hospital service. They ensure a threefold mission of:

  • patient care
  • research
  • and training


Unicancer defends a model of oncology based on multidisciplinarity, individualisation of treatments and research-healthcare continuum.

The Unicancer model of integrated management in 10 points:

1. Equal access to quality healthcare for all.

2. Operating modes that ensure equality and ethical practices, with management that conforms to agreed rates and no private practices.

3. A patient-centred approach based on multi-disciplinary, comprehensive patient care and the research-healthcare continuum.

4. A joint medical and scientific project in order to make scientific and organisational progress available to patients as rapidly as possible.

5. Personalised medicine (targeted treatments, measures for support, etc.) and integrated patient management from screening and/or early diagnosis to post treatment follow-up.

6. Regular integration of innovation through cooperation between research and healthcare, including input from human and social sciences.

7. The patient/partner culture, which recognises the patients’competence and in-depth knowledge of their own bodies and illness (patient committees, observatory of patient expectations).

8. Dissemination of knowledge in the field of oncology to all healthcare professionals through initial and on-going training.

9. The development of employees’ skills at the Centers through career management.

10. Regular benchmarking of the Group to assess quality and the relevance of practices, as well as the effectiveness of organizational structures.


Download the PDF version of Unicancer Charter