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Unicancer guarantees high quality, innovative, complete, individualised and human care throughout France.

Unicancer charter

Only hospital group exclusively devoted to cancer care in France, Unicancer has been created in 2010 by the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers and their Federation.

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Our treatment approach

Unicancer brings together the 20 French Comprehensive Cancer Centers, which are private, non-profit establishments entirely devoted to cancer treatment.

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French Comprehensive Cancer Centers

Located in 16 regions in France, Unicancer hospitals offer a unique patient care model and quick and safe access to scientific advancements.

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Clinical Research

The French Comprehensive Cancer Centers offer treatment but are also research Centers, especially clinical research. Clinical trials, which include 15% of Unicancer network, contribute to innovations in patient management...

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Information and support (Only in French)

Malades ou proches d'un patient, découvrez les liens utiles pour vous informer et échanger.

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