Unicancer Oncogeriatrics Group

The Unicancer Oncogeriatrics Group brings together oncologists, geriatricians, radiotherapists, surgeons, biostatisticians and pharmacologists, all working towards promoting clinical research and innovation in oncogeriatrics and tailoring clinical trials for the elderly population by adapting methodological approaches and rationalising diagnostics and treatments.

President: Dr Loîc MOUREY, IUCT - Oncopole, Toulouse



The UNICANCER Oncogeriatrics Group forms, together with the French oncogeriatric coordination units (UCOGs), the DIALOG intergroup. The DIALOG intergroup (Dialogue intergroupe pour la personnalisation de la prise en charge en oncogériatrie) is accredited by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa).




Soazig Nenan, GETUG/GERICO/supportive care Programmes Head

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