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Research at the heart of Unicancer

Research, with healthcare and training, represents one of the three essential missions of the 18 French Comprehensive Cancer Centres that make up Unicancer.

Unicancer's research is carried out on two levels:

Research is carried out on two levels in our network:


Innovation that benefits patients thanks to multi-disciplinary research

One of the goals of Unicancer’s medical scientific project is that patients benefit from therapeutic innovations based on all areas involved in cancer treatment and on developing cooperation with the key players in cancer research.

Unicancer network research includes:

Fundamental research

In the French Comprehensive Cancer Centres, this kind of research is carried out via cooperation with teams with certification from EPST (Etablissements publics à caractère scientifique et technologique – public establishments of scientific and technological character - like INSERM and the CNRS) and/or from universities. This cooperation is also essential for developing translational research and human and social sciences research (see below).

Clinical research

At a time when personalised medicine is developing in the field of cancer, clinical trials help give patients access to innovative therapies and with the advancement in cancer treatments in all areas (new drugs, surgery, radiation, imaging, etc.). In 2017 15% of patients in French Comprehensive Cancer Centres participated in a clinical trial, considerably exceeding the national target of 10% set in the Cancer Plan.

Translational research

It is research that connects fundamental research to clinical research so that innovative techniques can be rapidly transposed to patient care. Translational research ensures the research-healthcare continuum and represents an essential strategic orientation for Unicancer.

Participation in human and social sciences research

Global management for patients and their loved ones also depends on research in social science (psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc.) and public health (epidemiology, health economics, etc.). This prospective, promoted in the Cancer Plan, is already underway at Unicancer and an essential part of its research strategy.