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An innovative oncology model

UNICANCER promotes an oncology model based on multidisciplinary practice, individualised treatment and a research-care continuum.

This model, which integrates all the recommendations of the Cancer Plan, is formalised in the UNICANCER Charter.


Global patient management

In the 20 French Comprehensive Cancer Centers that make up the UNICANCER Group, patients benefit from global healthcare management that takes into account all the aspects of their disease:

  • the oncology dimension: multi-discipline teams, state-of-the-art equipment and therapeutic innovations, thanks namely to a constant investment in research.
  • the socio-economic and psychological dimension: support during all stages of disease thanks to a complete range of support care (social assistants, psycho-oncologists, aestheticians, nutritionists, etc.) and a close relationship with patient associations (support groups, information locations, events, etc.).

Coordinated action with private practice physicians

The UNICANCER Group offers integrated patient management from detection and/or early diagnosis up through post treatment follow-up. Coordinating with a patient’s physician is therefore essential and is part of the strategic orientations that are part of the UNICANCER Medical Scientific Project.

The French Comprehensive Cancer Centers have thus developed more and more solutions for at home care and initiatives for supporting health professionals for patient management (telephone support, information systems, training, on-call duties, etc.).

Expertise in many types of cancer

French Comprehensive Cancer Centers are health establishments entirely devoted to fighting cancer. Their activity is separated into three segments:

  • common cancers (breast cancer, prostate cancer, gynaecological cancers, lung cancer, digestive tract cancers, etc.)
  • rare cancers (ENT cancers, soft tissue sarcoma, etc.)
  • complex situations



Click here to discover the UNICANCER Charter that translates this specific model of patient management in the field of cancer.


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