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With more than 18,000 employees, UNICANCER offers a motivating professional environment, with the very latest in French oncology for treatment, research and training.


A public service mission

The French Comprehensive Cancer Centers that comprise UNICANCER are private, non-profit health establishments. They participate in public hospital service with the on-going goal of improving the quality of and access to care.

Advanced medicine and multidisciplinary practice

The UNICANCER Group offers health practitioners who join it state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to better develop their skills.
The multidisciplinary practice that is part of the UNICANCER model also offers a reassuring environment in which decisions are made in collaboration with other professionals.


Given our choice of global patient management, we recruit healthcare professionals – physicians, nurses, electro-radiology technicians – but also nutritionists, psychologists, social assistants, physical therapists, etc.
And then of course there are the support staff who are essential to our performance at the UNICANCER Centers: human resources, accounting, IT, quality control, etc.



Innovation through training

The desire for innovation and high quality performance, which are essential orientations in UNICANCER’s development, requires strong investment in training. The French Comprehensive Cancer Centers are the employers in the private, non-profit health sector who invest the most in on-going expert training for their employees.

Working for UNICANCER

The UNICANCER Group, which is entirely devoted to fighting cancer, offers those who join it the chance to participate in a unique collective human adventure at the service of cancer patients.


The UNICANCER Management Academy

To support the professional career of French Comprehensive Cancer Center (FCCC) managers, the UNICANCER Group created the Management Academy, for which the main objectives are to:

  • offer career training for FCCC managers,
  • support them in their management activities,
  • offer a common culture of integration,
  • certify internal and external training offers.

The Academy was created in 2010 and is in the process of being set up.




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