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Securing the radiation therapy patient treatment path: a DOSIsoft – UNICANCER scientific partnership

DOSIsoft, leading provider of advanced software solutions for radiation therapy, and UNICANCER, which groups together all French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (FCCCs), announce a scientific partnership, aiming at bringing an innovative solution to optimize patient safety in radiation therapy. This R&D partnership is established under the framework of the “iNNOV’Up Experimentation” program, led by the French Paris Region and managed by public investment bank Bpifrance. 

Accelerating transfer of new products towards clinical routine

DOSIsoft has developed a software solution, EPIbeam, that aims at evaluating before treatment the absorbed radiation dose which will be delivered to the patient. This software will complete the regulatory quality and safety controls, currently carried out on the linear accelerators, and thus will contribute to guarantee high-precision treatments for the patients with the latest generation of equipment. It allows to ensure before treatment that the absorbed delivered dose is identical to the planned absorbed dose (planned with the Treatment Planning System – TPS). The time allocated to treatment machine calibration measurements is also significantly reduced.

“This experimentation is an excellent means to accelerate transfer of new products to clinical routine, by sharing lessons learned, concrete use cases, usability of these new products, and also the remaining improvements to be implemented before a wider deployment of solutions on the market, including the international market.” welcomes Marc Uszynski, DOSIsoft CEO.

Providing in real-time usable and relevant data regarding treatment quality

An experiment in real patient treatment conditions is currently taking place in 7 CLCCs: Jean-Perrin Center, Georges-François Leclerc Center, the Jean-Godinot oncology Institute, the Curie Institute (Paris and Saint Cloud), the Oncology University Institute of Toulouse and the Léon Bérard Center. These centers are currently testing EPIbeam to evaluate its accuracy and relevance, and to propose, as appropriate, optimizations for a high performance under the real usability conditions of the CLCCs.

“UNICANCER promotes a model for oncology based on multidisciplinarity, personalization of treatments and a research-to-care continuum… As a major player in patient care and research in oncology, our objective with this experimentation is to obtain an increase in quality for patient care in radiation therapy, while ensuring treatment safety for the patient.” said Christian Caillot, R&D Director of UNICANCER.

“In addition to the quality and safety procedures used by the medical teams, this software solution has the advantage of providing data in real-time regarding treatment quality, by connecting to the existing equipment and without any need for additional hardware investment. This experimentation is part of the scientific partnerships carried out along the Research and Development axes with the CLCCs and defined within the Global Radiation Therapy Offer of UNICANCER” underlines Luc Delporte, Purchasing Director of UNICANCER.

The conclusions of the experimentation are expected by the end of 2017. Beyond this partnership, DOSIsoft pursues its scientific collaborations with UNICANCER and all CLCCs for further improving patient care in radiation therapy.

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