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Toulouse Onco Week 2018

The Toulouse Onco Week aims to display the best cancer science and medicine from internationally renowned scientists around the world. They will present an overview of state-of-the-art basic and translational cancer research, exploring the latest discoveries in cancer dissemination, cancer cell metabolism, genetic instability, epigenetics, non-coding genome in cell transformation, targeted therapies and drug resistance, cancer immunology and radiotherapy. This symposium will appeal to a broad spectrum of basic and clinical scientists and will gather junior and senior researchers around original communications.
In parallel, meetings with pharmaceutical companies will reinforce scientist and company interactions.
The TOW will be also a unique opportunity to disseminate novel trends in oncology at a general public session and to participate to charity events.


TOW 2018

3-7 Feb. 2018, Toulouse, France

Programme préliminaire

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